Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So here we are, Aiden is almost 15 months old and I am pregnant with baby #2!!!! surprise!

Here are some recent highlites:

We spent pretty much the entire summer out on the boat and Aiden loves the water! He has no fear at all which is a really good thing!

Aiden is saying a few words aside from mamma and dadda, he says bannana "nanna", Babcia "baba" which is Polish for grandma, go go go (from the Wiggles), bye bye, fish, ball and meow meow! Mommy is very proud of her little talker!

Aiden is developing his own little personality! Today when I went to Labcorp to have some bloodwork done he started to cry and got all upset because someone was touching his mommy...it was sooo weird! And he isnt so keen on being held by people he doesnt know all of a sudden, he used to go to everyone, not anymore! He also gets spooked by things too, like this penguin toy that he got for his birthday...he is terrified of it. I had to put it away...

Last Friday night we wound up in the ER with 5 stitches to his chin, he had fallen on a bath bucket I have in the bathroom and cut his poor little chin open. Lets just say it was much more traumatic for mommy than for him. I came pretty close to passing out! haha

My little baby is growing up!